Every Day Made Better Videos

Let the soothing hydrotherapy that a Hot Spring Spa can offer make you Better Everyday.

Here are real stories from real Hot Spring Spa owners. Let them share their experience with you.

Ed’s Hot Spring Experience

Ed lives just outside of Philadelphia, PA with his wife, son, and two dogs. In 2005 he was injured while serving our country in Iraq. His left knee and lower back were the main areas affected and in return impacted his active lifestyle of running and biking. Once he purchased a Hot Spring hot tub he no longer needed pain medication and future surgeries. He can now manage his pain by relaxing in his Hot Spring spa.

Lou’s Hot Spring Story

Lou lives in New Jersey with his wife. Thirty-seven years ago he had a severe motorcycle accident that caused him to have major surgery. He still keeps an active lifestyle, but not without pain. In need of an escape from the pain he turned to his Hot Spring spa. The only way he can pull the plug on all the pain is to sit in his Hot Spring hot tub and everything melt away.

Sal’s Hot Spring Story

He lives with his family in Levittown, PA. He, his wife, and two sons practice mixed martial arts. With other activities including soccer and school they all experience soreness daily. Only a few steps out their back door is their Hot Spring spa that brings them the relief they are looking for. The family connects by talking and relaxing with each other. As a busy parent the spa ushers in a complete state of rejuvenation and relaxation, washing away muscle pain and stress.

Rebecca’s Hot Spring Story

She lives a quite life in the outdoors of Kirkland, WA. When she was diagnosed with MS it brought with it much stress and fear. Having trouble sleeping Rebecca turned to a Hot Spring Spa for relief. The relaxation and peace regular hot tub use brings allows her to disconnect from the stress impacting her life.

Beth & Mike’s Hot Spring Story

Meet Beth and Mike, empty nesters who head to their Hot Spring spa every day to connect, talk about the day, and plan for the future.

Chris & Ashley’s Hot Spring Story

Meet Ashley and Chris, active hot tubbers and parents who use their Hot Spring spa to speed recovery from Crossfit, prevent injuries, and unplug from the world.

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