BioGuard Care Systems

A Water Care System for Every Customer – Not All Chlorine is Alike!

The BioGuard Water Care System has three important parts that help customers maintain crystal blue sparkling water: sanitizer to control bacteria, shock to destroy contaminants, and preventative algicide to stop algae before it starts. All parts of the BioGuard Water Care System are vital to achieve beautiful water. Click here for product information.

BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care Program

step 1:

Smart SilkGuard Sticks, SilkGuard Sticks or 3″ SilkGuard Tabs

Smart SilkGuard Sticks are made to last up to twice as long as ordinary trichloro-chlorinating sticks due to their patented SmartGuard additive. It only dissolves when your pump is running! SilkGuard Sticks or 3″ SilkGuard Tablets are great for a customer with a system that runs 24 hours. Each of these products kill bacteria continuously by maintaining proper free chlorine residual and creates soft, smooth water.

step 2:

Smart Shock, Burnout3, Burnout35 & Burnout 73:

Smart Shock is a multi-functional shock with algae and bacteria-killing patented technology – featuring blue algae killing crystals. Burnout3 provides crystal blue, sparkling water – it oxidizes organic contaminents that cause cloudy water, musty odors and eye irritation. Burnout35 is ideal for vinyl-lined pools because it contains no calcium, will not cloud water, and dissolves almost instantly. Burnout 73 is a quick dissolving calcium based shock that restores sparkle and clarity to pool water. Use one of these products once a week to “shock” pool water and leave your backyard oasis sparkling clear.

step 3:

Algae All 60, Back Up 2, Banish or Optimizer Plus

Algae All 60 is 60% Polyquat excellent for pools with attached spas or fountains. Algae All 60 prevents all types of algae and works in chlorine or bromine pools. Back Up 2 is the newest addition for the BioGuard family. It covers a broad spectrum of pools with its highly effective formula for inhibiting and killing algae. Banish contains a small amount of copper but is highly effective at killing all types of algae and is fast acting and non-foaming. Optimizer Plus ehances your water qaulity (reduces cloudiness), softens water and prevents algae from the beginning. To choose the right inhibitor for your pool, check with your BioGuard Pool Professionals.

Looking for something other than chlorine?

SoftSwim makes water feel wonderfully soft and gentle on skin, eyes and hair. The SoftSwim non-chlorine pool care system is as easy as A, B, C: SoftSwim A (algae preventative), SoftSwim B (sanitizer) and SoftSwim C (clarifier). And since these products are liquid, application is a breeze – no mixing or pre-dissolving. You’ll keep coming back for this simple, innovative product.

The Mineral Springs System transforms an ordinary pool into a vacation getaway. Bathers will feel wonderfully pampered, soothed and refreshed. The ultimate for saline/salt water pools.

Mineral Springs Beginnings is the foundation of the Minderal Springs System. It establishes the saline water environment by adding high purity salt, SilkGuard to prevent scale and make the water feel soft and gentle, and SunShield to protect the chlorine from sunlight degradation. Mineral Springs Renewal is the key to maintaining beautiful, problem free water. It will replenish any high purity salts lost over the week, SilkGuard to ensure scale protection and make the water silky smooth, water balancers to keep the water neutral, clarifiers to keep the water sparkling, and a fragrance.

See how BioGuard keeps your pool Sparkling and Clean. Receive a free water analysis when you bring us a sample of your water. Visit us, a BioGuard Pool Professional, and learn about all the great products BioGuard offers! 

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