4 Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Back Pain

Check out the benefits of aquatic therapy for back pain.

Check out the benefits of aquatic therapy for back pain.

For those who are looking to soothe back pain and strengthen the spine, look no further than your pool! The pool is the perfect place to do physical therapy exercises, as the water relieves pressure and can significantly reduce pain.

Increased Mobility

When we swim in water, our bodies are much more flexible and mobile due to buoyancy. If you are struggling to twist and turn your back, take your exercises to the pool. Your body will gain mobility, and you will likely have a wider range-of-motion you could not do otherwise.

Decrease Stress on Spine

Aquatic therapy is also great for those who are trying to re-strengthen their spine after surgery, as the water takes some of gravity’s stress off the spine. Many people with spine issues have a hard time with therapy exercises on land, but doing them in water makes it easier to complete workouts and strengthen the spine faster.

Reduce Risk

Back and spine conditions can have a negative impact on balance, which can lead to injury. For example, a painful nerve sensation or loss of balance can result in a fall. However, the risk of falling is greatly reduced when in a pool. Also, by working out in water, you will strengthen the muscles in your legs and feet to help control your balance in and out of the water.


Water is about 600 times more resistant than air, which is extremely beneficial for physical therapy. When exercising on land, you will not face any resistance, and therefore won’t be working your muscles very hard. With the resistance of water, those same exercises will be much more effective and show better results.

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