Hot Tub Year End Clearance Event

Now is the time to buy the hot tub of your dreams during our Year End Clearance Hot Tub Sale. ALL 2017 floor models have MAJOR SAVINGS! Save up to $2,500 in initial savings!  FREE Delivery a $450 value! Let a Hot Spring or Fantasy hot tub be the greatest gift that gives all year round. Only 1 model left!

Hot Spring Spas has created and continues to be an innovator in the hot tub industry. Hot Spring has created hot tubs that make every day better with better massage, better water, and better energy then any of its competitors. Hot Spring is the world’s #1 selling brand because of its top-tier quality at an affordable price. Let Regina Pools & Spas start you on a journey to a better you.

Hot Spring offers four different lines of hot tubs: Highlife NXT, Highlife, Limelight, & Hot Spot

Fantasy Spas is the easily-affordable, easy to move, and easy to use plug-n-play line. Fantasy Spas are made by the same people who make Hot Spring spas. You know you are getting the highest- quality even with the most basic of systems. These hot tubs are very light-weight, durable, and plug in to a regular 115v outlet. Fantasy Spas has a basic operating system and water care is a breeze. These hot tubs start all under $5,000! Why are you not hot tubbing?

Remaining 2017 inventory includes:
Fantasy Spas Splendor Sand

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