Ozone Vs. UV Light

Hot Spring spas has been using ozone since the beginning of hot tubs to sanitize and clean hot tub water. Why? Because ozone can do a whole lot more than UV light. UV light kills germs with light energy, whereas ozone kills germs as an oxidizer. UV light can only clean the water when the water is clear. If the water is cloudy it can not clean the water without the aid of bottled products. Oxidizers, on the other hand, are super strong 💪 germ killers that break up contaminants and keep your water clear by using gas not light. Ozone can destroy substances chlorine can’t effectively eliminate, like human fluids, cosmetics and organics of all kinds. Ozone keeps chloramine levels down to almost nothing and can eliminate shocking for chloramines, also known as combined chlorine, reduction. It offers significantly more oxidation than available free chlorine alone. Ozone helps aid filtration and improve water clarity. Ozone reduces the amount of chlorine usage required to maintain a Free Chlorine residual.

Check out this comparison chart of ozone versus UV.

Ozone water care versus UV Light water care

Ozone VS. UV Chart

















Many manufacturers build hot tubs that have UV lights and in most cases have to add ozone to help complete the oxidizing process.  UV light can not do it all on its own, but ozone can do 99%. With the help of a Fresh Water Silver Ion cartridge, the ozone system can hit that last 1%.  With 100% you can be assured that Regina Pools & Spas Hot Spring hot tubs will keep your tub sanitary and clear over UV light. Did we mention that ozone systems can last about 5 years or longer? A UV light has to be replaced once a year. Overall, ozone takes up less of your time and allows you to enjoy your hot tub more.

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