3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Hot Tub

These are the 3 questions you must ask before buying your first hot tub.

These are the 3 questions you must ask before buying your first hot tub.

Hot tubs are an amazing addition to any backyard oasis. For many people, they seem like a luxury item one associated with expensive hotels and big pools. However, the truth is that hot tubs are a great tool for relaxation and improved mental health that doesn’t need a ton of space. If you’re considering investing in a hot tub, here are three questions you should definitely ask before moving forward.

How Do I Choose the Right Hot Tub?

The right hot tub for you will depend on your needs. Start with how you plan to use it. If you intend for the tub to just be for you or you and your significant other, you can choose a smaller size. Small hot tubs generally fit 2-3 people comfortably. If you have a large family or you intend to invite friends over to use the hot tub, you will need a larger one, fitting 5-7 people comfortably. You will also want to consider the area you are placing the hot tub in before deciding which hot tub to purchase. Once you know the size you need, narrow your choices based on the other features that are important to you, such as color, seat style, water care, and accessories like sound systems and cover lifters.

What About Winters?

A Hot Spring hot tub is meant to be used year round. Each hot tub is fully insulated to withstand the harshest of winter temperatures. Every hot tub also comes with a perfectly fitted cover to insulate even further. When looking into buying a hot tub, remember to keep an eye on energy efficiencies.

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Hot Tub?

Every hot tub purchased from Regina Pools & Spas comes with an in-store class oh how to properly maintain your hot tub. Here at Regina, we do water care, draining and cleaning, and how to operate the actual hot tub model.

Hot Tubs from Regina Pools & Spas

Let us help you find your dream hot tub! Our sales consultants are here to help! At Regina Pools & Spas, located in Timonium, MD, customers have designed the way our business is run and have shaped our unique service philosophy: “Do it when they want, the way they want, and with what they want.” We hope to care for each person throughout the many years that they enjoy our products. We have an outstanding record with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and have won diverse awards and recognitions for our pools and spas, including being the first Maryland pool company in the Aqua 100 Hall of Fame. Stop by our showroom or contact us by calling 410-252-5116 or emailing sales@reginapoolsandspas.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz!


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