Wellness Snack – We’re in Hot Water Now

Wellness Snack – We’re in Hot Water Now

We’re in Hot Water Now

Wellness plays a big role in our lives today. We are always searching for ways to live a better life. This Wellness Snack talks about how water is a big part of our life and can actually help us live better lives.

Who here has gotten into a hot tub and felt the heat soak into your body, you breathe a sigh of relief almost instantaneously?

Ever wonder why you feel so good after getting out of a hot tub?

When you first step into your hot tub, you feel the heat soak right into your body and warmth comes over you. As you slide deeper into the hot tub, the heat radiates as it makes it all the way through you. You turn on the jets and find your favorite seat, the lights are set just the way you like them, the stars are above you, and your cares disappear. You take a sip of your favorite drink or turn a page in your new book, and you’re in another world.

The Magic of Water

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Experience the magic of water wellness in a Hot Spring hot tub by Regina Pools & Spas

Why is this happening so easily? There is science to hot water and it’s not something to be ignored.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Muscles and kidneys are 79% water and our lungs are 83%. Our bodies crave water. Every cell depends on water to function. We are made of water and we respond to water. It only makes sense that hot water will improve our lives.

Hot water has been proven to decrease our blood pressure, enhance moods, improve sleep, and promote calm. Hydrotherapy is used to unlock and release tension so that your muscles can lengthen and loosen. When your muscles are short and tight, it’s as if your fist is clenched, needing circulation and to let the bad stuff out. But in hot water, something amazing happens. Those muscles loosen to allow them to gain circulation and let the bad out. The muscles breathe.

The massage of the jets enhances the circulation even more which gently breaks down tension and lengthens your muscles.

At the temperature of 104, our circulation increases by 121%! Heat in water transfers 25% faster than in air. No wonder our bodies warm up so fast when stepping into a hot tub!

Hydrotherapy is basically magic! So are you ready to live better in water? Check out the world’s #1 selling brand of hot tubs, Hot Spring Spas, to start experiencing the magic. 

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