Pool Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Check out these pool landscaping tips and ideas.

Check out these pool landscaping tips and ideas.

Landscaping and hardscaping can help you create the perfect outdoor space, whether you want to build an aquatic spa oasis, family-friendly garden for entertaining, or simply find a design that allows you to fit a pool into a small backyard. Use this helpful guide for landscaping tips and ideas for your pool this year.

Consider Runoff When Designing

When landscaping, it’s important to consider how water will run through your yard. This will help you understand soil erosion and keep your yard healthy over the long-term. When it comes to your pool, you’ll want to keep runoff from running into your pool, as this can cause your pool to require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. Runoff can cause debris and dirt to build up in your pool, especially after serious storms. It can also cause flooding and damage if your landscaping is not well planned. Always take special care to consider irrigation and runoff when landscaping around a pool.

Make the Most of Lighting

The right backyard lighting can turn your lawn into the perfect spot to entertain. It can also keep your family safer during summer nights around the pool, helping to avoid any slips and falls. Be sure to light all paths, as well as around a pool or hot tub, for practical safety purposes. You can also use creative lighting to create a particular atmosphere in your backyard. Try up lighting trees and statement plants in order to add drama and interest to your landscaping at night. The amount of lighting you use should depend on how often you entertain outdoors.

Choose the Right Plants for Your Space

Pools will require hard surfaces, whether that means concrete pathways for in-ground pools or wooden decks for above-ground pools. One way to balance out these hard surfaces in your lawn is through creative natural landscaping. There are many trends in pool design you can follow that can help you complement your pool area with the perfect landscaping for your taste. In addition to climate-compatible plants, you’ll want to choose plants that will fit in well around a pool. This means avoiding plants that may drop debris that can wind up in your pool, or large trees that can create too much shade over your pool.

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