4 Safety Tips for Winter Hot Tub Fun

 Check out these safety tips for winter hot tub fun!

Check out these safety tips for winter hot tub fun!

A hot tub is an excellent addition to any backyard paradise, regardless of the time of year. Set up a warm, bubbly, oasis of comfort in the middle of a cold and snowy winter day and it becomes almost magical. The contrast of the bubbling heat against the bracing cold is great, but you don’t want any slips, falls, soaring power bills, or damage to your hot tub. Read on for some tips for enjoying your hot tub this winter.

Get a Cover

A high-quality cover doesn’t just keep debris out of your hot tub, it also traps the heat inside. If you don’t cover the tub, or if the cover comes off, your hot tub has to work very hard to keep the temperature up. This can translate to an immense energy bill. Invest in and use a high-quality, sturdy cover to spare your wallet on energy costs.

Watch the Water Level

If your water level is dropping, this could be the sign of a problem. It may mean that you have a crack or a leak, which you need to get checked ASAP. It may also mean that your cover isn’t secure or is waterlogged and the water is evaporating out of the sides of the cover, which you should also correct. Either way, you need to fix the problem and refill the hot tub, because low water levels and still water are more prone to freezing.

Freeze Protection

Speaking of freezing, some hot tubs have an auto heat or a freeze protection setting that monitors the temperature of the water and runs the pump occasionally to prevent the components from freezing up. Make sure that this setting is on, as we head into the winter months.

Safety First

Even though safety is last on this list, it should be first on your mind. If you’re using a hot tub during the winter, you and your guests need to be able to get to it easily and safely. Remove snow and ice from around the hot tub, especially on the path from your door to your tub. When the weather is cold, you’ll be more likely to hurry, and there’s an even greater chance of slipping. Use flip flops or sandals instead of dashing in your bare feet. On a snowy day, be sure to clean off the path to the spa and clean off your spa cover before you do any other shoveling so that it’s ready to be used when you’ve been shoveling your driveway all day and want to relax.

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