Tips for Building a Custom Pool in a Small Backyard

Check out these tips for building a custom pool in a small backyard.

Check out these tips for building a custom pool in a small backyard.

Summer may be officially over, but we can still think fondly back on those warm, relaxing memories. Or, better yet, think ahead to how we can make next summer and many more after that the best ones ever. One way to do that is by adding a pool to your backyard and turning it into an incredible family oasis. Do you think your backyard is too small for a pool? That may not be true! Here are some tips for adding a custom built pool to even a small backyard.

First, Check the Codes

Before you make assumptions about what is or isn’t possible, check the building codes for your area. In many cases, codes require you to have a fence that meets a certain criteria around your pool. There can also be regulations that state how close to the property line that fence can be, and how much open space you need to have between the pool and the fence. Once you know these details, you have an idea of exactly how much space you could legally devote to a pool.

Check Your Motivation

Why do you want a pool? Are you more interested in a pool that adults can lie beside in the sun and take a quick dip to cool off? Or do you picture a fun, kid-friendly splash zone with slides? Do you plan to have a heater, or does the pool area have consistent sun? How you see yourself and your family using the pool will help determine how big and how deep it needs to be. A professional can help you design a custom pool that completely meets your needs.

Check Your Options

When you think of a pool you might immediately assume your options are an in-ground extravagance, an above ground circle, or a plastic kiddie pool, but you’re actually not that limited. Your custom pool can be small enough to fit in your yard, but still, include a fun slide for your kids. Or it could be built close to your deck so you can sunbathe, with lots of in-water seating so you can relax. If your goal is exercise, there are even small swim spas for even smaller spaces. There are definitely great options out there that meet your needs.

Pool Questions? Ask Regina Pools and Spas

At Regina Pools & Spas, located in Timonium, MD, customers have designed the way our business is run and have shaped our unique service philosophy: “Do it when they want, the way they want, and with what they want.” We hope to care for each person throughout the many years that they enjoy our products. We have an outstanding record with Maryland Home Improvement Commission and have won diverse awards and recognitions for our pools and spas, including being the first Maryland pool company in the Aqua 100 Hall of Fame. Stop by our showroom or contact us by calling 410-252-5116 or emailing Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Houzz!


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