When to Close Your Pool for the Fall

Learn when is the best time to close your pool for the fall.

Learn when is the best time to close your pool for the fall.

As the weather cools down and autumn approaches, it is time to start thinking about closing down your pool for the season. Closing your pool at the end of summer is very important in order to keep the water clean and clear over winter, and makes the pool opening process much easier in the spring. Ultimately, it is a personal decision when it comes to closing your pool, but there are a few things to consider.

Local Weather Conditions

In the mid-Atlantic region, most pool owners will close down their pools in September or October. If it is nice enough outside and you are still using your pool, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy yourself after Labor Day! If it is still warm and the pool is still relatively easy to maintain, go ahead and keep your pool open into the fall. If it becomes cold sooner and you find yourself not using your pool as much, then perhaps it is time to close it down.

Using the Pool

In addition to considering the weather, you need to ask yourself if you are actually using or intend to use your pool into the fall. Whether it is because the kids are back in school or it is just a bit too chilly, if you are not using your pool, then close it up and get it ready for winter.


If your pool is lined with trees, they will ultimately end up in your pool when fall rolls around. Leaf buildup can become a real headache, and it is important to weight the cost of removing the leaves from the fun you are having in your pool. If it all becomes too much time and work, maybe you should close the pool up for the year. Closing your pool early eliminates the work and hassle of removing leaves from your pool water.

Freezing Temperatures

If the temperature drops near freezing, it is time to close up your pool. Freezing temperatures can do serious damage to pool components if the pool is not properly closed. Simply put, no one wants to close up a pool when it is cold outside. The weather is ideal for outdoor work in September and October, so don’t wait until it is too late to close your pool. Once those temperatures start going down, you are not going to be swimming anyway.

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