The Importance of Teaching Kids to Swim

Do you know all of the reasons why it’s so important to teach kids how to swim?

Do you know all of the reasons why it’s so important to teach kids how to swim?

Knowing how to swim is crucial for safety, and it’s important that kids start to learn at a young age. Teaching kids to swim can, of course, save their life when in water, but children that were taught how to swim by age five also have many cognitive and physical advantages. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of teaching kids to swim and the many benefits swimming has for children.

Saves Lives

Tragically, at least 160 kids under the age of 15 (70% under the age of five) drowned in swimming pools or spas last summer, according to the USA Swimming Foundation. These numbers were similar to 2016’s stats, with around 200 fatalities. While it is horrible to think about these statistics, it’s important for parents to know that drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental death in children. By teaching your kids how to swim at a young age, they learn a life-saving skill, as well as learn to not be afraid of water.

Cognitive and Physical Advantages

In addition to saving lives, teaching kids how to swim can also bring many advantages to their cognitive and physical function. A four-year study found that kids who were taught how to swim by age five were more advanced in math, counting, language, and following instructions. Swimming is also a great exercise for kids that keeps their heart and lungs healthy, improves strength, and increases stamina.

Activities for Swimmers

While it’s great to swim for fun, there are also many sports and activities your kids can participate in if they learn how to swim and really enjoy it. A few activities include kayaking or canoeing, rowing, scuba diving, surfing, and water polo. Swimming is also amazing for kids as it provides challenges and accomplishments, which helps them to grow in confidence. It’s crucial for every parent to remember that there are so many reasons why teaching your kids to swim is an important part of life!

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