Must-Have Fun Pool Accessories and Games

Check out these must-have pool accessories and games!

Check out these must-have pool accessories and games!

Pools come with some maintenance and work, but more importantly, they bring fun and entertainment to your family! A backyard pool is exciting enough on its own, but some fun accessories and additions can take your pool to the next level. Check out these summer pool accessories you need before the summer is over!

Floating Underwater Chairs

While you usually swim in the pool, there are some days when you just want to sit in the water and relax. Underwater pool chairs are the perfect solution, as you can enjoy the cool water without having to tread. The chairs have arms that you can inflate while the rest of the chair sits under water leaving you cool and relaxed.

Pool Floats

Pool floats are essential for every pool, especially for families with kids! Whether it’s a round tube float or a full playset, kids will enjoy swimming around for hours. Some floats even include activities, such as water guns to spray each other with. There are plenty of fun floats for adults as well, ranging from rafts to lie on and avoid getting too wet, to floats with multiple drink holders.

Underwater Games

There are so many pool games to add a fun activity to a pool day, but they have more benefits than you may think. Having kids collect toys such as rings or toy torpedoes underwater is not only fun for them, but it actually helps teach them how to swim. Many parents say that the underwater games encourage kids to go underwater longer, and swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve the toys. They may not even realize it, but their swimming skills will improve with a few simple toys! There are also ‘pool pets’ that, unlike floats, are filled with water so that they swim under the water just like their real counterparts. Try the orca or the stingray!

Toys and Chemicals from Regina Pools & Spas

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