Do Inground Pools Fade Over Time?

 Learn if your inground pool will fade over time.

Learn if your inground pool will fade over time.

Investing in a pool is a huge decision, and you want to know that your pool will look great and remain in top condition for years to come. Since your pool is exposed to the elements all year long, it’s likely that it will eventually show signs of wear. Vinyl liner pools and concrete inground pools fade differently over time, and will fade depending on various factors. Continue reading to learn more about how inground pools fade and how to keep your pool looking new.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl liner inground pools are made with UV-resistant chemicals to help prevent or delay fading as much as possible. If you invest in a vinyl liner pool, you will need to replace the vinyl liner every 10-15 years to keep your pool in quality condition. If you continue to replace the liner within this timeline, you should only notice very minimal fading. However, if you wait over ten years to replace to the liner, you will be able to tell a color difference.

The main factors that contribute to vinyl liner pool fading are the pool’s water chemistry, the amount of direct sunlight on the pool, and the amount/quality of UV inhibitors used in manufacturing the liner. If the water chemistry is well maintained and your pool is protected by some shade, your liner shouldn’t fade as quickly.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools with a plaster surface will last about ten years before they lose some vibrancy, whether they are white or a bright color. If your concrete pool has an exposed aggregate surface, it won’t fade as much because of the durable exposed beads or pebbles. To maintain the classic look of your concrete pool, maintain proper chemical balance and refinish every 12-17 years.

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Pool Maintenance with Regina Pools & Spas

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