Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Repair

Look out for these signs to know when your swimming pool may need repair.

Look out for these signs to know when your swimming pool may need repair.

Swimming pools bring many benefits to a home, but they also require some time and maintenance. Whether your pool is new or old, it’s likely that it will need repairs at some point for one reason or another. Be aware of these signs that show your swimming pool needs essential repairs to get it back in great shape.


If you have a concrete swimming pool, be on the lookout for cracks in the walls, tiles, coping, and separation of the expansion joint from the deck to the coping. Cracks in a swimming pool need to be repaired immediately, as they often lead to larger problems. A pool repair company, such as Regina Pools, will need to help with this issue, as there could be structural problems or insufficient sealing.

Broken Lighting

All pools should have some degree of lighting to make swimming at night safe. If your pool lights are broken, it’s important to call a professional for the repairs. Pool lights are very different than fixing a broken light fixture in your home, as the combination of electricity and water can be dangerous to attempt on your own. A professional pool repair company will have the tools and knowledge to fix the lighting safely and efficiently.

Equipment Issues

Over time your equipment may start to fail. Your pump and filter clean a lot of debris and run most hours of the day for the entire summer so it’s important to keep them running at an optimal speed. A malfunctioning pool pump will not circulate the water efficiently for the filter to do its job resulting in cloudy or discolored water. Whether you have DE grids, cartridges, or sand in your filter, all will need to be changed every few years to keep it functional.

Pool Repair Services from Regina Pools & Spas

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