Basic Hot Tub Maintenance Plan

Learn about the basic hot tub maintenance plan before investing in your own spa!

Learn about the basic hot tub maintenance plan before investing in your own spa!

Do you have concerns about hot tub maintenance that may be stopping you from investing in a hot tub? It’s true that many people are worried that hot tub maintenance is too complicated and time-consuming, but it is quite easy when you follow a simple maintenance plan. Check out the easy steps below, and then call Regina Pools & Spas for information on our hot tubs!

Before/After Each Use

Depending on which sanitation system your hot tub uses, your chemical maintenance will differ. However, regardless of which system you are on, testing the water quality is very important. Before getting in your hot tub, check the water quality by using the correct test strips that measure alkalinity and pH levels. If the results of these tests are off, be sure to balance the chemicals before using the spa. With proper maintenance, you should only need to add these balancing chemicals once a week.

Sanitizing your spa will depend on which sanitizing system you use. The Freshwater, or Ozonator, system requires a chlorine addition once a week and an MPS non-chlorine oxidizer before every use. The salt system only requires a chlorine addition as indicated with a test strip since the system produces chlorine naturally for you. It is always important to make sure the hot tub is sanitized properly to avoid unsanitary bathing situations.

For a spa sanitized with bromine, you would only need to add chlorine once a week while the bromine floater is constantly floating in the spa. Systems like @ease only require you to add chlorine once a month. There is one system that uses no chlorine at all called Baqua Spa. As an alternative to chlorine and bromine, it uses a hydrogen peroxide mixture weekly to sanitize the water.

Once a Week

Take the time once a week to remove the filter, spray it with a filter cleaner and rinse it off thoroughly with water. The cleaning process only takes about 20 minutes! Be sure to let it dry before putting it back in the hot tub. By allowing it to dry, the fibers in the filter become tighter so they pick more up when back in the hot tub. Having a backup filter is a good idea so you can always have a clean and ready filter in the hot tub while the other is drying.

Once a Month

Another quick yet important maintenance tip for hot tubs is to clean and condition the cover. Unconditioned covers will dry and crack from UV rays, resulting in a cover that no longer fits properly and doesn’t last as long as it should. Cleaning the top and underneath of the cover takes less than 30 minutes, and should be done about once a month.

You should also remember to have regular professional water testing done. This ensures everything is in perfect shape and safe to use. At Regina Pools and Spas, state of the art technology from Bioguard is used to get precise readings on your water. This is a free service to customers anytime they wish.

Every Four to Nine Months

About once every four months, your hot tub will need to be drained, cleaned, and refilled with clean water. While this isn’t the quickest process (it may take a few hours) it only has to be done three to four times a year. This ensures that you have a healthy and safe spa experience while extending the life of your hot tub.

If you have a salt water sanitizing system, you can drain the hot tub less frequently. This generally occurs every six to nine months.

As an extra cleaning step, once a year, you should purge the plumbing lines of your hot tub with a chemical like Clean Start or Spa Purge. These products help alleviate any build up in the lines that allow your sanitizing chemicals to be less efficient.

Once a Year

Once a year, call Regina Pools & Spas to have your spa inspected by a service professional. While your hot tub may be running smoothly, this preventative maintenance will ensure that your spa is in complete working condition and will stay with your family as long as possible.

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