3 Types of Steps for an Inground Vinyl Liner Pool

What type of steps will you choose for your vinyl liner swimming pool?

What type of steps will you choose for your vinyl liner swimming pool?

One of the most important features of your new vinyl liner swimming pool is the stairs you choose. For an inground pool, you have a few options, including plastic steps, a 3 step ladder, or vinyl over steps. At Regina Pools & Spas, we offer different types of Imperial Pools built-in stairs, and can custom make your dream stairs if it is not featured on our page.

Plastic Steps

Plastic steps are common for vinyl liner pools and are attached right to the pool wall. They are the primary stair option that comes with most vinyl liner pools and are quite affordable and durable. Plastic steps come in many shapes and sizes. You can have them centered at the entry of the shallow end or in the corner. Plastic steps have come a long way and even come in different colors.  These steps come with a limited lifetime warranty, patented technology, and superior tread design.


A pool ladder is normally installed in the deep end of an inground pool. It is typically installed into the decking (concrete) around the pool and can be removed when your pool is closed for the season. This makes it very easy to replace old or broken ladders in the future.A basic pool ladder usually consists of three treads or steps. The ladders have rubber ends that rest against the vinyl without damaging the liner.

Vinyl Over Steps

Vinyl over steps are a set of manufactured steps that are installed while the wall panels are being assembled. These stairs are the most attractive option because you can customize them however you want, and come in multiple shapes and materials. You also have the freedom to decide where the stairs will go in your inground pool, and how they will look to fit your pool design. You can even add bench seats or cuddle coves in the deep end.

At Regina Pools & Spas, we have a few different types of pool stairs available, including 8’ built-in stairs, built-in corner stars, full end radius stairs (for radius pools,) full end stairs (for straight pools,) and interior wedding cake stairs. We also let customers make their own custom stairs to build their dream steps for their new inground pool!

Built-In Stairs From Regina Pools & Spas

Let us help you find the perfect vinyl liner pool stairs for you! At Regina Pools & Spas, customers have designed the way our business is run and have shaped our unique service philosophy: “Do it when they want, the way they want, and with what they want.” We hope to care for each person throughout the many years that they enjoy our products. We have an outstanding record with Maryland Home Improvement Commission and have won diverse awards and recognitions for our pools and spas, including being the first Maryland pool company in the Aqua 100 Hall of Fame.

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