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Hot Tub Replacement Covers

 Is your cover getting old and heavy? Hot Tub covers last about 3-5 years, depending on care. When it’s time to start thinking about getting a new one, call us! We sell Watkin’s manufactured spa replacement covers, which means for your HotSprings spa, the cover will fit right without any guesswork on measurements. For spas that aren’t HotSprings, Tiger Rivers or HotSpots, we offer SunStar replacement covers. Please call 410-252-5116 to order your new cover today!

Every hot tub should have a cover lifter. Learn more about Hot Spring cover lifters here. 

Energy Efficient Covers Colors* 

1982 - 2013 Hot Spring hot tub models

Rust Replacement Cover for HotSpring Spa Espresso Replacement Cover for Hotspring spa Ash Replacement cover for HotSpring Spa Green Replacement cover for HotSpring Spa
Rust Color Espresso Color Ash Cover Green Color
Rust Chestnut Ash Green

 2014 - Current Hot Spring hot tub models

Carmel Replacement Cover for HotSpring Spa Chocolate Replacement Cover for Hotspring spa Slate Replacement cover for HotSpring Spa Green Replacement cover for HotSpring Spa
Rust Color Chocolate Color Slate Cover Evergreen Color
Carmel Chocolate Slate Evergreen


Why you can't top these covers:

  1. 4.0 mil vapor barrier locks in the entire core sealing out moisture.
  2. Industrial grade Double-ply poly laminate is formulated to protect cores against daily exposures to chemicals and cold. Mildew and UV resistant.
  3. 2lb cell foam tapers from 3 1/2" 2 1/2" to maximize rain/snow runoff.
  4. 25 oz top vinyl is Marine Grade and exceeds industry standards for mildew, UV and chlorine resistance.
  5. Low profile nylon drain grommets aid in the release of trapped water.
  6. Stainless steel reinforcements strengthen the center of the cover.
  7. Every cover comes with brackets built to factory specifications to assure strong support and easy installation for retractable cover systems.
  8. Tough 'n Hefty hinge is made with four layers of double-stitched vinyl to add extra strength and durability.
  9. Extra strong padded handles.
  10. Child-resistant cover locks with keys.
  11. Adjustable tie-down straps
  12. Insulating heat shoe.
  13. Commercial grade zipper and protective flap.
  14. 4.0" Perimeter skirt.
  15. 24 Point internal reinforcing.
  16. Superior Craftsmanship.
  17. Full 2 Year Warranty.


SunStar Ordering Form for non-Hot Spring hot tubs/covers


*Additional Colors available. Please call or stop in to order a cover.