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Silk Balance

No More Harsh Chemicals

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Silk Balance comforts the skin giving it a soft, silky feeling with no chemical smell, no dry or itchy sensations. SilkBalance has no harsh chemicals or long term after effects. SilkBalance water conditioning system is proven effective by helping many spa owners rediscover the pleasures of owning a spa without the irritation or confusion associated with traditional chemical treatment.


Luxuriously Simple

The patented formula balances and stabilizes your spa water automatically with one simple application each week in most spas. No adjusting pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness; no mixing or guessing. Just shake thoroughly and pour in SilkBalance.

It Protects Your Hot Tub

The SilkBalance conditioning system removes most excess calcium and minerals from the water within the first few weeks. The unique formula additives help protect equipment components against failure from corrosion and buildup, extending the life of the plumbing and reducing expensive replacement costs. 

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Regina Pools  & Spas is the Silk Balance Maryland Dealer and is happy to bring you a great product whether you are buying a new HotSpring Spa or converting an old hot tub to this easy system.

SilkBalance™ is a spa water care treatment program specially formulated to: 

  • Leave your skin silky & soft
  • Be easy to use
  • Provide crystal clear water
  • Provide a refreshing scent
  • Provide continuous pure water quality
  • Be safer for the environment
  • Prevent calcium build up on equipment

Whether you are buying a new HotSpring Spa or own an existing hot tub, you can use the SilkBalance program. See the following guide to learn how to convert your hot tub to SilkBalance!


 How to Start Using SilkBalance