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Here at Regina Pools & Spas we appreciate all the comments our customers give us, so here are a few of our favorites. Want to give us a review? Click here to write us a review! Thank you to all our customers!


January 18, 2017

Dear Regina Staff:

I bought my Classic Spa from Regina Pools & Spa 17 years ago and have enjoyed it immensely without much need for service until last month. Doug and his staff have been wonderful to deal with and have been able to fix the problems so that I can continue to enjoy my spa. 

I also appreciate how Julie delivered the kind of personalized service that is unusual these days and that keeps me loyal to Regina even though there are other spa companies that are geographically closer to my home. Thank you very much!

Joel H. Marcus
Owings Mills, Maryland

"Three years ago, as a first-time pool-owner, I had a very bad experience with another unnamed pool company. Then I switched to Regina Pools and all that changed. Very knowledgeable and very very friendly (will not make you feel stupid, new pool owners). You just walk in anytime with a cylinder sample of your pool water and ten minutes later you have a full analysis of what might be needed to adjust the chems. and if everything's perfect, they'll tell you that also, at no charge. When scheduled for opening or closing the pool or some special service, they show up on time and complete the task with no problems. I can't recommend this place highly enough."
David 7/27/13

"I purchased a Vista hot tub from Regina. These people are excellent! The sales people did not put any pressure on me at all. They were very informative during the purchase process. This is the very first hot tub I have ever owned. I spent hours making up my mind on what spa I wanted. I couldn't believe how patient my salmen was with me. The people from Regina made sure that my wife and I knew how to operate and maintain the spa after our purchase. Since our purchase (6/2012) Regina continues to assist with any question I have which shows that they don't forget about you after the purchase. I will defenitely continue to use Regina and recommend them to friends."
Phil 5/28/13

"If we ever build another pool, we would do it with Regina, 5 Starts just aren't enough."
Alisa 11/17/14

"I have been using Regina's for almost 10 years to keep my pool chemically safe. I became the owner of an above ground pool when I bought our house. Regina's has always been very helpful with any questions I have. The water testing is free and my pool has always been swim-able every season. When this pool finally goes, I will definitely give Regina's consideration on a spa/hot tub."
Charles 6/5/2013

“You should buy the 9300 Polaris! I’ve used Dolphin since 2004 and this is so much better. It is easy clean-up –plug + go! It even runs sideways on the walls! I promise you will not be disappointed! P.S. I just bought it yesterday. : )”
Amy 5/11/2011

 “We are absolutely thrilled with our new HotSpring Spa! We use it every day and enjoy it more than we could have imagined. Many thanks to you and your staff for making this the most stress free and fun major purchase ever. You have your competition beat by a million miles.”
Brenda & Steve 12/1/2010 


“Hello to all my dear friends at Regina Pools… Looking forward to another great summer and I have all of you to thank!”
Debbie & Donald   1/16/2004

  “After eight years of owning a HotSping Spa, we are now paying for our first service call. So we are very certain of two things. We will purchase a new cover from you and toss the ‘internet special’ in the trash. And secondly, when we are inclined to purchase a new spa (maybe one with music this time) we won’t need to travel to Westminster, Frederick, or Virginia, we just need to come to Regina.”
Deborah & David 10/22/2003

“Thank you for making our Hot Spring Spa purchase such an enjoyable experience! You were genuinely helpful in all of our discussions, as was your staff. My children especially liked our introduction visit- its seemed like Christmas all over again! Thanks again for helping us find and install a fantastic spa!”
Fran 10/22/2003

“Wow, I can’t believe that I finally got my hot tub! I just want to thank Regina Pools and Spas for providing me such a positive experience.”
Richard  2/5/2004

“We get a great deal of pleasure and relaxation from the spa and consider it one of our best buys.”
Jeanne Marsh 11/28/1989

“Thank you so much for carrying such quality products and standing behind your promises for performance and service”

 “We were pleasantly surprised to find the operating costs, electrical power and chemicals, to be lower than we had anticipated.
Jim Tebay     4/18/1988

 “We had you install a great swimming pool for our family during the summer of 1980. It was somewhat of a unique installation, but your work team gave our family a great looking and functioning inground pool. We are still enjoying it tremendously every day during the swimming season, now 24 years later.”

“We believe in Regina Pools so much that recently we had your company install a new liner, which looks fabulous. We continue to receive many compliments from everyone who visits us and sees the pool.”

“Thank you so much for the super work your crews have done for us over the many years.”
Roc Rinaldi

“I have been totally satisfied with the products and services of Regina Pools & Spas, and highly recommend your company to friends and family alike.”
Rod Stem   3/9/1996