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Home Auto-Shipping

 Regina is happy to annouce that we are now offering a Home Auto-Ship Program for select hot tub chemicals.

Our program allows you to purchase one or multiple products at a time. You are able to purchase one product at full price or bundled products at a discounted rate.

Have Silk Balance, Freshwater Silver Ion Cartridges, and/or MPS delivered to your door via UPS when you want it. You picked the time of the monthly delivery (beginning or mid-month) and the interval (every 3-6 months). We are unable to deliver to business or PO Box addresses. If you have one of these addresses, please email us and we will honor the discounted prices in the store for your pickup. 

                                     HOME AUTO-SHIPPING PRICING

 Silk Balanace MPS Non-Chlorine Oxidizer Silver Ion Cartridge

1 bottle/ 1 shipment

$199.99 + tax 

No Auto-Ship Commitment

MPS 2 lbs & 1 Silver
Ion Cartridge Bundle

$50.95 + tax

1 cartridge
$33.25 + tax

Regular $36.95

1 bottle/ 3 shipments

$169.99 + tax

$30 savings per bottle
Auto-Ship Commitment

MPS 5 lbs & 1 Silver
Ion Cartridge Bundle
$69.95 + tax

2 cartiridges
$62.95 + tax

Regular $73.90 + tax




3 cartiridges

$88.95 + tax

Regular $110.85 + tax

 See form for more details on bundles and shipping charges. 

FREE shipping over $50.00. 

 Maryland sales tax applies to all orders.